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<aside> 🏖️ I am a Ph.D. candidate at KAIST UVR lab studying to empower technological capability to establish an eXtended Reality (XR) technology-based metaverse startup. My research topics are Human-Computer-Interaction, XR remote collaboration, XR locomotion, and mutual space generation. I am familiar with prototyping and experimenting with AR/VR HMDs (Hololens2, Quest2, Vive Pro Eye). I tried my startup projects three times, worked as an investment manager at Startup Accelerator (AC), and was co-founder of the KAIST student startup association, 'KAIST Entrepreneurs (KE).' My activities are focused on research and startup, but I am also interested in exhibiting media art projects so that people can intuitively feel and talk about the seamless world. I will keep integrating my AR/VR technology expertise and create values by breaking down the boundaries between reality and virtuality.



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