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<aside> 🏖️ Vision: Connect people and create impact by breaking the boundaries between reality and virtuality.

Researcher: I received a Ph.D. degree at KAIST UVR lab. I have strong knowledge of VR, AR, Telepresence, Spatial Computing, and Human-Computer-Interaction. Familiar with various forms of prototyping with AR/VR HMDs (Hololens2, Quest Pro, Vive Pro Eye).

Entrepreneur: I worked as an investment manager at startup VC (Bluepoint Partners), tried my startup projects three times, and was co-founder of the KAIST student startup association, 'KAIST Entrepreneurs (KE).' Recently, I have been working as a founding member of the global shaper community (GSC) Daejeon hub to solve the Seoul centralization problem and enhance Daejeon's sustainability.


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